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Sonidet Tool Sanitizer 1000ml


Product Information

Sonidet Medical Equipment & Instrument Detergent is a highly active NEUTRAL liquid detergent specifically designed for both machine and manual cleaning operations.
Sonidet is odourless, non-staining and is a safe detergent for the removal of hospital and surgical soils. Diluted solutions of Sonidet are colourless.
Sonidet is a bacteriostatic detergent and it is intended for use in the following operations:

*Ultrasonic cleaning machines
*Manual cleaning of instruments prior to the Disinfecting or Sterilisation process
*Manual cleaning of floors, tables, benches, etc.
*Manual cleaning of equipment
*Manual cleaning of glassware

   1000 ml, non diluted


Dilution: 5 ml SONIDET per litre of water or 25 ml SONIDET per 5 litres of water.

*Recommended to use with our Sanitizing Tray (product code ST)

Product Code: SON1l