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Nailery introduces a unique new manicure process which gives you lustre, blush & strength in your own nails...naturally, without nail polish or synthetic chemicals. Perfect for pedicures . Buffing with specially formulated compounds stimulates blood circulation in the finger tips. This, and the natural shine give nail an outstanding appearance. Natural pink lustre becomes deeperand deeper with regular P. Shine usage.



Beeswax, Lanolin, Glycerin, Squalane, Paraffin &   Diatomaceous Earth 






A mere $79 outlay will give you a return up to $5000 if applied correctly.

  (Based on 200 applications at $25, which is below the RRP. See below.)

Extremely quick to apply, more time, more clients, more turnover.

Each application will last up to 3 months .

Fills the gap between permanent enhancements & temporary manicure.

Increase your regular client visits with natural P.Shine infills, required every 2-3 weeks.

Retail support with appointment cards, A2 colour posters plus call support+612 4973 1033.

DVD included in your pack for staff training.

Retail Kits available for your clients (RRP $35.50)




Recommended Retail Prices

First application :           $ 35 - 40

Second application:      $ 29 – 35