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Manicure Table Lamp Magnifying - LED


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Product Information

Manicure Table Lamp Magnifying - LED

  • Adjustable LED lamp with magnifying feature so you can be even more detailed with your work.
  • See your work clearly and closely! Rotates 360 degrees and is a perfect lamp for the professional nail tech who is extremely detailed when doing nails, creating intricate nail art designs and trimming cuticles.
  • Can be used while performing facial treatments.
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours and has 48 LED bulbs.
  • The lamp produces no heat and is easy on the eyes.
  • Heavy duty arm and produces daylight-like light which shows the true colour of nail polish.
  • About 29 inches tall and comes with table clamp. Easily moves up and down and swivels.

Strong white light

48 LED bulbs

Clamps to your manicure table

Three adjustable joints

On/Off button on arm

220V-240V  4W

Measurements - Head 18cm - Magnifying glass 11cm  - Arm attached to the base 43cm - Arm attached to the head 32cm

Product Code: MTLLEDM