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UV Sterilising Cabinet

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Product Information

STOP the risk of cross contamination for once and for all with Nailery UV Sterilising Cabinet! Make your salon a safe place where germs stand no chance!

More than a 100 years ago, German scientists Johann Wilhelm Ritter discovered that the top surface of lake-water was sterile when exposed to sunlight. His investigation then led to the discovery of Ultraviolet light and its use for sterilisation.

UV Sterilisation Cabinet provides the most affordable, efficient and effective UV decontamination for reducing unwanted surface and airborne microbes and is absolutely ideal for sterilising tools and instruments, with a particular focus placed on infection control and prevention.

Sterilise your cuticle nippers, pushers, scissors, hair brushes, orange wood sticks, cutters and all your other tools and kick all the germs in the teeth!

NOTE: Nailery Australia brings you high quality electrical appliances that are covered by 12 months warranty!

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